What is OLITEC project


OLITEC is a collaborative research project funded by European Commission under the frame of FP7 between academic community and industry focusing in the advance of new technologies and the development of new products from the olive tree with therapeutic or preventive potential (phytomedicines, food supplement).


The project started in 2009 and has a duration of 4 years.

The main scientific and technological objectives of this project are:


a) to develop extraction methods based on the combination of emerging new technologies (Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Adsorption Resin Technology, Accelerated Solvent Extraction and Microwave Associated

Extraction) for the preparation of enriched extracts from olive tree leaves


b) to study the chemical composition of the extracts and their

variation, depending on the extraction processes, the botanical origin


c) to identify bioactive small molecules from the highly complex

extract matrix with modern techniques 


d) To investigate the preparation of bioactive molecules using chemical and/or biotechnological transformations


e) to evaluate the biological activity of the pure isolated compounds and of the extracts, in terms of antiinflammatory

and cancer chemopreventive activity, by direct effect or through anti-angiogenic or neo-vascular disrupting processes


f) to study the transdermal formulation of the bioactive compounds and extracts and to scale up the best process for the preparation of

transdermal products


g) to study the feasibility of the development of a new commercial product









OLITEC is a  European project supported by the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development